Email SneakyNote PGP
Verified Delivery
Impossible to Intercept

Easy Security

A SneakyNote is just a link. Just send your friend a SneakyNote link over plain email instead of setting up a system like PGP, S/MIME, or iMessages.


Protect yourself from future bad guys. Normal email sits around forever waiting for a hacker to steal all your messages, but an opened SneakyNote link is erased immediately. Unopened SneakyNotes are erased after only 10 minutes.

Verified Delivery

When your friend opens the message, you both will be presented with a short code. If you see the same code, your message arrived safely.

It's safest to verify the code by voice over the phone.

No Covert Interception

Though can't stop a rogue middleman between you and your friend from reading your secret first, the middleman won't be able to read your secret without you finding out. Just check the code with your friend.

If the codes match, only your friend has seen your message.

What Can I Send?

Try It Out

Send a SneakyNote to yourself.

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